My top priorities as a legislator...

I am committed to increasing funding for teachers’ salaries and school resources as well as increasing funding for higher education. In addition, I will push for significant adjustments to mandated accountability systems in order to reallocate valuable class time to teachers and students. The investment in education is our legacy for future generations.

I am devoted to insuring all Coloradans have access to affordable healthcare. We are currently spending more per person than if we provided universal coverage. I will fight for access to healthcare and especially reproductive care for for all Coloradans.

 Criminal Justice Reform:
Carrying on the legacy of Rep. Pete Lee and others,  I will continue to promote and transform the criminal justice system using the reforms initiated by Rep. Lee, and the first priority would be increasing  the adoption of the Restorative Justice principles and tools by DA’s offices across the state and reducing the discrepancy of incarceration of the people of color.

My approach has consistently been to work with a wide variety of voices, and I am committed to continuing to make common sense decisions that reflect the voice of the people of HD18 whom  I represent.  I am dedicated to finding solutions for complex issues and creating avenues for people to productively work together.

More other positions...

Common Sense Changes

Ensuring Quality of Life