How to Support My Campaign

Your support is necessary for any successful campaign to function. Your support will insure that I have the best chance to win a Primary Election and Statewide Election to get elected to the State House of Representatives for House District 18.

 A visit from George Washington to dedicate his portrait.

A visit from George Washington to dedicate his portrait.

Monetary Support:
A little about the rules around how you can support financially…
In this election, any individual can only give up to $400 per election cycle. It can be in a lump sum or sporadic gifts or even a monthly pledge. To max out an individual person’s donation, $50 monthly from now till the election in 2018 will equal the max per individual $400! 
Martinez For Colorado
PO 6885
Colorado Springs CO 80934

Online is easy and accessible from any internet connected device. It provides some different increments of donations and provides a monthly donation checkbox if you want to make it a monthly recurring gift.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about this Campaign and the impact it will have on Colorado

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Write me an endorsement:

If you want to give me your endorsement in addition to anything other support - Take a moment to share how and why you know and support me…

Thanks for your vote of confidence!


Sign-up to Volunteer:

There will be plenty of opportunity for hard word on this campaign and if you want to be on the list to help, fill out the form at the following link and we will be in touch!