What people are saying about Terry

"I have known Terry for 20+ years and during that time have seen what type of person he is. He is remarkably ethical and hard working. I have seen him work in groups and one on one. He always works to gain a consensus to solve problems. in a time of high partisanship he will get things done. His background in education will be an excellent addition to the legislature and I believe he will leave his mark on education and will get many bills passed into law. My family and I all support Terry both financially and physically I hope you will as well."   Dan Kay - Attorney
"Terry Martinez is family orientated, demonstrates service leadership, and has a proven record of collaboratively working with others to create positive outcomes for our community."  Bryan Relich - Elementary Principal
"I've spent my career working with Colorado students. Terry Martinez has done the same, and I trust him to make the right decisions for Colorado Students. That's why I am proud to endorse him for the State House of Representatives - Millie Hamner - Colorado State Representative
"Our country MUST have leadership that cares about us regular people, not just big donors. So, I will vote for Terry. I know Terry, we coached some volleyball together. I saw him do kind things when he didn’t know anyone was looking. I saw him mentor EVERY kid on his team; I am sure he will govern the same way. Spread the word- Terry Martinez is the one we want." - Joe Harmon - Volleyball Coach/Gym Owner
"I've known Terry Martinez as a colleague and as a father. He is a compassionate leader and father. I am confident Terry Martinez will serve the citizens of Colorado Springs with integrity and passion" - David Engstrom - Educational Leader
I worked with Terry for many years as a fellow teacher and as his department chair. During that time I found him to be an intelligent, straight forward and sincere individual. If he says he will fight to do what's best to keep or improve our way of life, I believe him. I support his candidacy wholeheartedly and will definitely vote for him. Robert Barto - Colorado Association of Science Teachers
"A man of integrity that cares deeply about education and the brighter future the world will have when our youth are given a chance to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. Give our kids and our world a better chance to succeed and thrive and vote for Terry Martinez." - Jim and Christy Howard - HD18
Terry is a class act individual. As the leader of the Colorado College Democrats, I am a proud supporter of Terry's views on education ranging from early childhood to post-secondary. I have no doubt that Terry's "head-first" approach to tackling challenges will serve the constituents of his district well. - Matt Nadel
"Terry is a passionate advocate for education and has Colorado's best interest in his heart." - Patrick Rizzo - Professional Athlete/Former HD18 Candidate
"Terry's experience in public education, both as a teacher and a principal, make him an excellent choice for the Colorado House of Representatives!" - Julie Feuerbach

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