2. Ensuring Quality of Life

What makes living in Colorado priceless is the quality of life – clean air, clean water, open space—but in recent years we have not been able to insure these priceless resource will be here for future generations. In addition, the quality of life of our citizens continues to wain compared to other states when it comes to access to affordable healthcare, affordable housing, and fair paying jobs.

Healthcare Reform

Access to affordable, quality healthcare is a right, not a luxury and is the second most mentioned concern throughout HD18.  

Transparency in Medical Billing

The quagmire of the medical industry needs to brought into the light for all to see. Once established. we can use this transparency to drive progressive change for healthcare in Colorado.

Reproductive Care Access/Choice

Insure access to proper healthcare for women that includes access to reproductive care and protects a woman’s right to choose.

Continue to expand healthcare coverage

We are currently paying $2000-$4000 more per person for our current healthcare than if we had universal healthcare coverage! We need to take progressive steps towards coverage for all Coloradans. Once established. our economy would grow and Colorado would be competitive for business and especially for small business growth.

Our Future Legacy

Protect and Expand Open Space

Promote Renewable Energy Transition

More Detail Coming...

Affordable Living

Fair and Livable Wages

Block so called “Right to Work” initiatives

Promote Small Business Growth

More Detail Coming...