Former Principal and Community Leader, Terry Martinez Announces Run for El Paso County State House Seat


There have been a lot of changes for myself and my family recently. I retired from the profession I loved, we've moved back into the old neighborhood, and as of today I am officially announcing that I am running for the Colorado House of Representatives.

I promise that I will always put everyday Coloradans first. If you want to support our campaign with a donation, I'd be incredibly grateful and I will work as hard as I can to make you proud of your investment. 

All photography provided by Austin Howlett



I want to thank my beautiful wife, Jennifer, and my 3 wonderful daughters, Katy, Mikaela and Courtney for all of their support and encouragement as we've been making this decision.


“It would be an honor to serve the people of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs in the State House. We need leaders in the legislature with the passion and experience to help our communities overcome challenges and seek out new opportunities. My career as a teacher, principal and community leader allowed me to work with people to create real results, and I want to bring that skill to the State House of Representatives.”